Thanks to all of the Ohio newspapers which are raising awareness about the importance of public notices by running the ONA’s public notice awareness ad campaign.

As you may be aware, the Ohio General Assembly is again considering bills which could curtail public notice postings in our state — with one of these bills, Senate Bill 234, set to essentially allow foreclosure sale notices to only go on government websites. While the ONA is engaging with legislators on this issue, it helps for them to also hear from the general public on why public notices in newspapers are so important. To help accomplish this goal, the ONA created a series of ads showing why newspaper public notices are a critical part of how our government keeps people informed. These ads are based on successful campaigns our sister state newspaper associations ran in both Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

If your newspaper is interested in running these half-page ads, you can still download them in either color or B&W PDF formats by clicking here.

While keeping public notices in newspapers seems like common sense to everyone in the newspaper industry, the general public may not realize the value of this service until it is gone. This ad campaign is a critical step in preventing this newspaper service from disappearing.

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