From Jim Romenesko

By W. LAWRENCE WINTER, American Press Institute President/Executive Director, 1987-2003

As one of Romenesko’s readers reported today, one of America’s longest-serving and most impactful journalism organizations is set to die (March 23). Quietly. Without fanfare. Without the sendoff it has earned.

The media executives who oversee it have decided that the American Press Institute has outlived its usefulness. They’ve fired the entire staff. They’re abandoning the Institute’s historic Marcel Breuer building in Reston, Virginia. Under the guise of a “merger” with the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Foundation, API is simply disappearing.

Let’s be honest. This is not a merger. This is a takeover. And, from the ashes of API may someday rise a new NAA training organization of some kind, featuring, probably, Internet-based learning activities. But whatever it is, it will not be API.

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