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The Statehouse may or may not get metal detectors based on a Homeland Security report that may or may not have recommended them.

Members of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board were tight-lipped (on Dec. 19) after receiving a one-hour, closed-door briefing from state and federal Homeland Security officials. After reopening the meeting to the public and media, the board quickly voted twice unanimously — once to accept the security report presented in executive session and then to establish a seven- to nine-member committee to take the next step. The board then adjourned.

Officials refused to release the report or discuss the executive session, citing security concerns.

“We have to look at everything on the table,” said Richard H. Finan, head of the Capitol Square Board and a former Ohio Senate president. He acknowledged that includes metal detectors, something he vigorously opposes as unnecessary and burdensome.

Neither Finan nor Richard E. Carleton, the board executive director, could cite any incidents or other major issues that prompted the need for added security.

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