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‘Tis the season for prognostications across the digital landscape. Digiday is continuing its series of anti-prediction by asking publishers what hot trend they plan on passing up in 2013.

Publishers are bearish on some trends for the new year: ad tech taking over direct sales; doubling down on video; looking to VC money to fill their coffers; paid content.

Jim Bankoff, CEO, Vox Media: Media as a commodity is a trend that is important, undeniable and something that we’re not buying into in 2013. Ad exchanges will continue to grow and provide a means to make money for publishers who do not view advertising as a core part of their reader experience or business operations. Our bets will be placed on the other end of the spectrum with advertising that is native to its environment and aligned with user interests. We will focus on catering to individual brands’ marketing objectives and helping them tell their stories to valuable audiences. Programmatic buying has its virtues, but it shouldn’t be confused with brand building or a marketing plan.

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