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Laywers on all sides of a Steubenville rape case that has garnered international attention now want the court proceedings closed to the public and the press.
Attorney General Mike DeWine said special prosecutors from his office will join a defense lawyer and a lawyer for the 16-year-old victim in asking Visiting Judge Thomas Lipps to bar the public from the trial.

Each of the sides have different reasons for asking that the Juvenile Court case by tried outside of public view.

“I think the victim has been victimized enough,” DeWine said in an interview Wednesday. DeWine said the 16-year-old Weirton, W.Va. girl was first victimized by the crime and then by social media commentary.

Last week, Walter Madison, an attorney representing one of the two accused 16-year-old athletes, filed a motion asking that the case be closed because the media and social media attention was endangering his client’s right to a fair trial.

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