According to the Local Media Association, more than $250 million is being spent in just nine Ohio markets alone on local paid search with, in most cases, little to zero of that going to local newspapers and their digital products. Google’s market share of paid search is more than 70 percent.

Newspapers that have become sophisticated in this area say a modest training investment can bring real gains in incremental revenue, improved support for existing customers and a greatly enhanced ability to attract new customers – particularly the “Yellow Pages” types of advertisers who now feel they must be part of digital search.

This is why our AdOhio Advisory Committee is urging ONA members to take advantage of a special training opportunity. The LMA is partnering with state newspaper associations to offer excellent rates for ad managers and sales reps to achieve the gold standard of search: being certified as qualified professionals in sales of Google AdWords and related products.

By all accounts, this is a difficult program to tackle on one’s own with a reported failure rate of 50 percent for the certification exam. The LMA online training module prepares sales professionals through a series of seven, fast-moving, one-hour training sessions.

The next series begins on June 3rd.  Click here for more details on how to register. And thanks to a special deal between the ONA and LMA, all ONA members can register for this training at the reduced “Association Partners” rate.

We also urge members who have possible interest in us bringing the LMA trainer to Columbus for a two-day session to let us know.

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