The Ohio Circulation Managers Association plans to disband, but its programs will continue with an active group of circulation executives under the umbrella of the Ohio Newspaper Association.

The ONA Board of Trustees voted unanimously on June 7 on a resolution to accept the remaining assets of the OCMA after it completes the legal dissolution process.  The resolution also states the ONA’s intent to continue key activities of the OCMA, particularly its successful annual fall meeting and convention. A new ONA committee, the ONA Circulation Managers Committee, will include members of the current OCMA board.

“We’re excited at the ONA to have the circulation managers join us.  This puts publishers and general managers closer in touch with circulation, which is good for our industry,” said David Dix, publisher of the Kent-Ravenna Courier and president of the ONA Board of Trustees. “ And it gives the circulation managers the professional support and assistance they have been seeking.”

“Aligning with ONA brings additional strength to both organizations at a most exciting and challenging time,” said Kim Wilhelm,  who will chair the new committee as circulation/distribution manager for Findlay Publishing.  “Distribution of our products, whatever the format, is more critical than ever.  Circulation executives are a determined group.  We truly appreciate this opportunity to continue networking with and growing our craft with our peers and with the members of ONA.”

Dennis Hetzel, ONA’s Executive Director, said that most activities of the OCMA will become part of the programming conducted by the Ohio Newspapers Foundation,  a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The new committee also will advise the ONA’s Professional  Development Committee on training activities as part of ONA’s annual budgeting and planning process.

“This is  very active group with a history going back to  1917 to support the work of circulation professionals in our industry,” Hetzel said. “That work is more important than ever.”

One immediate positive is that there no longer will be individual dues for the circulation professionals at any ONA-member newspaper.  They will automatically be part of their parent organization’s membership.

Once the dissolution is complete, Hetzel said, members can expect these additional changes:

  • The OCMA website will be integrated into the site in a way that is easy to use.
  • ONA will integrate the OCMA member database into its database, expanding its ability to communicate with newspaper professionals in Ohio.
  • A separate classification for associate member dues will be created for circulation industry vendors, maintaining the $75 rate of the OCMA for vendors, many of whom provide significant support to OCMA’s annual event with sponsorships.

Hetzel added that he hopes complete integration will occur by the end of the summer. In the meantime,  the new committee already has begun planning the fall conference for Ohio circulation executives. Sponsor support will be solicited through the Ohio Newspapers Foundation.

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