The Ohio Newspaper Association is partnering with GistCloud, LLC, to launch a cutting-edge press release service to benefit member newspapers. The service,, will allow members to receive information in a variety of mediums and then deploy this information across all content platforms.

“We are really excited about the vision of the people at GistCloud,” said Dennis Hetzel, ONA’s executive director. “They are working with newspaper association partners around the country to roll out a product that will benefit both the organizations that create news releases and news organizations of all types.”

The ONA Board of Trustees authorized the agreement with GistCloud at its June board meeting in Canton. Around seven state newspaper associations have partnered with GistCloud so far, and that number could grow to 20 or more by the end of the year.

“We are excited to have Ohio as a part of the nationwide network of press associations that we are building,” said Brian Cafferty, GistCloud’s CEO. “Dennis and his team have recognized the benefits that this partnership can bring, and we look forward to working together to develop this business for both ONA and GistCloud.”

GistCloud describes its release – a confluence of text, images, audio, video, social media and more – as the Intermedia Press Release. The release provides a framework that closely resembles that of a compelling news story, and its goal is to fulfill a journalist’s and editor’s requirement for news while increasing a company’s visibility, competitive presence and exposure in the public eye.

Hetzel said companies who use GistCloud will benefit because the costs are lower than competing services while the reach and ease of use are superior. The service is not only less expensive than others, but it also makes it simple for companies to upload a variety of multimedia content to distribute with a release. Editors can then quickly and easily deploy this content to any platform.

In addition, ONA members that haven’t been receiving releases through competitors such as PR Newswire will now receive information they’ve never had before. Members will receive the releases as brief emails with a headline and capsule description accompanied by a link to a full version. These emails will be sent to each member’s desired address.

Member newspapers are under no obligation to use press releases from and can treat them like any other release. Other state press associations using the service include New Jersey, California and Texas.

“If this is as successful as we think it can be, the ONA will have a fresh revenue stream as part of this agreement,” Hetzel said. “This should help us serve our members more effectively while keeping our dues affordable.”

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