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The Ohio Supreme Court today dismissed a complaint asking the court to force economic development organization JobsOhio to produce documents requested under the state’s Public Records Act. In a unanimous, two-paragraph decision, the court ruled that the General Assembly has largely exempted JobsOhio from the state’s public records law.

The decision only addressed a public records request made by attorney Victoria E. Ullmann, who at one time represented advocacy group ProgressOhio in actions against JobsOhio.

Ullmann had asked JobsOhio to release multiple documents that she argued are public record. When she did not receive a response from JobsOhio, she filed this writ of mandamus with the Supreme Court in August 2013.

The court held it could not grant the writ because the legislature had specifically exempted the records Ullmann requested. Although some JobsOhio records are subject to the public records law, Ullmann did not seek those records.

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