From The Columbus Dispatch

Ryan Bubb had never asked anyone to leave a city council meeting before, not until the man in the tan jacket stood up on Monday night and announced what had been crawling on his body.

“I was informed just a moment ago that I had a bedbug on my back,” the man told the Newark City Council. “They’re everywhere.”

That itchy revelation came during an already-tense meeting in which residents of the Washington Square Plaza apartments hammered their management company for failing to rid the government-subsidized senior-citizens complex of the tiny pests.

Harvest Management officials blasted back, saying that only five of 118 units were being treated for active infestation and that residents were foiling the efforts by visiting infested apartments and retrieving furniture from the trash.

And then the bug popped up — allegedly — right there in the meeting.

Bubb, the meeting’s acting president, banged his gavel.

“Sir, if you have bedbugs present on your body, you’re going to need to leave this building, OK?” he said.

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