GistCloud-LogoEarlier this year the Ohio Newspaper Association announced a partnership with GistCloud, LLC, to launch a cutting-edge press release service to benefit member newspapers. The GistCloud Ohio service  allows members to receive information in a variety of media and then deploy this information across all content platforms.

For an example of the types of news releases handled by GistCloud Ohio, check out this brand new release from the nonprofit IPM Institute of North America. The release details an opportunity for farmers in the Lake Erie Basin region to improve farming profitability while also protecting water quality, and should be of interest to ONA member newspapers in that region.

The ONA asks our members to keep any eye out for these releases, which will be sent to you as brief emails with a headline and capsule description accompanied by a link to a full version. These emails will be sent to each member’s desired press release address.

Thank you to all our members who provided press release email accounts for use by GistCloud Ohio, and for having someone regularly check this press release account. If your paper has not yet submitted a specific press release email to the ONA, you can do so by emailing Jason Sanford at

Member newspapers are under no obligation to use press releases from and can treat them like any other release. A number of other newspaper associations around the country are now using the services, with more slated to join in the near future.

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