Not participating in network programs? Contact us and learn how

By Frank Beeson
AdOhio Vice President of Advertising

By the end of the month, AdOhio and the Ohio Newspaper Association will send rebate checks to network participants totaling $75,000.  Consider the check as a year-end thank you for participating in our network sales programs.

Annually, the ONA and AdOhio, your state advertising placement representative, takes the profits from the 2×2/2×4 Statewide Display Network and the profits from OhioScan, the Classified Statewide Network, and disburses checks to our member newspapers that published advertising through network placements.

If you are not a participant of the network sales programs, we can’t tell you “the check’s in the mail.”  However, we are seeking new additional papers to join the network programs. Now is the time to sign up to be eligible for 2014 rebates and profit from up-selling local customers into the network. AdOhio soon will be sending new marketing materials to participants as well.

Participating papers offer a small, weekly space commitment for network ads.  We want to invite all member newspapers to join in the programs.  Network participation not only benefits you, it is a tremendous way to support the many activities of the Ohio Newspaper Association and the Ohio Newspapers Foundation. For some members, their year-end rebates more than cover the cost of their annual dues investment.

We have three networks available:  the 2X2/2X4 Statewide Display Network; the Metro 2X4/3X5 Statewide Display Network; and OhioScan, the Classified Statewide Network.  For the display networks, daily and weekly newspapers agree to run up to 48 column inches of display advertising on a day of the week of their choosing; metropolitan newspapers agree to publish up to 32 column inches per week. OhioScan participants agree to run classified liner ads any day and are encouraged to post the ads to their websites as well.

In addition to the end of the year rebate checks, individual newspaper account representatives are permitted to upsell local clients into the network(s) the newspaper has agreed to participate.

For the display networks, YOUR newspaper would keep 70% of the sale; AdOhio handles all placements and invoicing and keeps 30%.  OhioScan participants are permitted to sell and keep 60% of the liner revenues; AdOhio handles placement and invoicing for the remaining 40%.

As newspapers search for new revenue streams, we are finding more publishers and advertising directors inquiring how they can sign up and begin improving the bottom line.

For a detailed presentation, please contact our Network Account Executive/Digital Media Specialist Mitch Colton at AdOhio 614.486.6677 ext. 1022 or email your inquiries to  We will accept new network members through Jan. 31, 2014.

Memo Of Understanding is now due

The 2014 Memo of Understanding (MOU) which gives AdOhio/Ohio Newspaper Association the right to represent member newspapers for advertising placement is now in the hands of your newspaper.  Each year we attempt to receive this returned document before the end of December.

Publishers, General Managers, and Advertising Directors:  If your newspaper has not yet filed the 2014 MOU, we ask that it be signed and forwarded to Pat Conkle ( within the next few days.

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