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If 2013 was the year that native advertising commanded much of the dialogue around digital media, 2014’s mantra looks like it will be mobile. By mid-2013, most local broadcasters had already reported that more than 50% of their overall digital traffic was coming through mobile, and newspapers aren’t tracking too far behind. With that in mind, here are 10 trends for local digital media we see developing around technology, disruption and revenue for 2014.

  1. Mobile ad units will improve and better engage users. There are too many smart people working on this problem in too many different rooms not to see some kind of breakthrough on newer, more engaging ad units in 2014. Look for more intuitive, native models to break the banner mold, and watch the case studies closely.
  2. There will be more content differentiation by device. Users are scratching a different itch when they access local content on desktop versus tablet, let alone smartphones. Newsrooms will increasingly need to integrate different headlines, body text and video pieces depending on where the content is being routed, which begets prediction No. 3 …
  3. Content management systems will be under increasing pressure to improve their back-end tools for differentiation.

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