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As far as weather event nicknames for the record-setting snow and arctic conditions from earlier this week, we could do a lot worse than #snoledo.

Credit the twitter hashtag to The Blade’s cop reporter, Taylor Dungjen @taylordungjen, who kicked off the trending pun with her Sunday tweet, “Happy Sunday, #Snoledo!”

“I was getting ready to leave for my assignment … and thought, you know what would be funny? Snoledo would be funny.” I tweeted it and then a couple of other people tweeted it … and then it kind of went from there.”

And so it began: Area residents took to their Twitter accounts via #snoledo to voice their concerns and worry, share their photos and stories, provide updates and inject a bit o’ humor into what was a record-breaking cold spell.

Some of my favorites at #snoeldo:

@konakenny: “How evil, in a scale from 1 to Kardashian, would it be to call for a pizza delivery today? I’m not doing it, just a thought.”

@dblstf: “Level 3 snow emergency starting @ 5:30PM. Glad my wine fridge is stocked.”

@MrBryanThompson: “You can not jump from a Level 1 snow emergency to a Level 3! What happen to Level 2?! Ugh! My OCD does not like skipped steps!”

@Andreuhhh: “#BarRescue is just what the doctor ordered!! Thanks @SpikeTV and @jontaffer you kept a girl from going insane!!”

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