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Brian Carovillano, the Associated Press’ incoming managing editor for U.S. news, notified employees (Jan. 5) about several recent hires and more than a dozen open positions nationwide, a move that comes amid concerns over understaffing following dozens of newsroom departures in 2013.

“As someone who started my own AP career as a temp in Rhode Island, it’s good to know that we remain committed to strong state government reporting by beefing up our reporting resources during legislative sessions and by prioritizing statehouse positions when they go vacant,” Carovillano wrote in an email obtained by The Huffington Post.

Carovillano added that “what this all adds up to is further strengthening of our state and national reporting from across the U.S.” That area of coverage, he wrote, “will continue to make us indispensable to our members and that clearly differentiates us from the competition. “

Carovillano’s memo may help reassure AP staffers about management’s commitment to staffing bureaus following a significant number of departures during the previous year.

Martha Waggoner, president of the News Media Guild, the union representing the AP, told HuffPost that 77 guild-protected employees left the company voluntarily in 2013, whether to take a job elsewhere or retire. There are roughly 1,000 total members of the guild, which is currently in contract negotiations with management.

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