From The Cincinnati Enquirer

A fire ravaged a mansion in Indian Hill last week, the story made international news — and it was driven by the stunning imagery.

The 10,000-square-foot mansion caught fire at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Less than two hours later, as firefighters surrounded the blaze, photojournalist Joseph Fuqua II hopped on an helicopter and swooped by from above.

One of his photos went viral — picked up by both USA Today and the Associated Press, making its way onto local TV across the country, MSN, the New York Daily News and U.K. Daily Mail.

The image has been shared nearly 700 times off the Enquirer’s Facebook page.

Fuqua — who has spent his 18-year photography career with The Enquirer — explains how he got the dramatic images:

My schedule for the day was pretty typical — shooting photographs of Jeff Ruby, stopping at high school basketball, etc. — until the fire broke out.  When Stratus Helicopter called the Enquirer newsroom and offered a chance to get an aerial view of the blaze, we jumped at the chance.

I pulled into Lunken Airport about 5 p.m. They already had a flight in the air, so I had to wait my turn. The 10 or 12 minutes that I had to wait was just long enough to build a little trepidation.

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