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The Ohio Supreme Court today referred to mediation The Toledo Blade’s lawsuit to force the Ohio Inspector General to release his final report on the 9-year-old Coingate scandal.

The move, not unusual in public records cases, is designed to give the two sides a chance to work out a solution before the case makes it into the courtroom.

The normal process of filing briefs in the case has been placed on hold in the meantime. Inspector General Randall Meyer’s office had not filed its reply to the lawsuit before the mediation order was issued.

Late last month, The Blade sued as a follow-up to its request for public records in the case, particularly release of a final report of the investigation into former Toledo area coin dealer Tom Noe and his theft of $13 million from a $50 million investment he operated on behalf of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

In the event the report has not been completed, as Mr. Meyer’s office has maintained, the suit asks the high court to order the report’s completion in compliance with state law mandating such a report.

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