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On (March 3), Student Press Law Center filed a brief with the United States Supreme Court urging the court to “overturn a lower-court ruling that makes it almost impossible to challenge the constitutionality of a law restricting speech without first violating the law and suffering punishment,” according to a press release Tuesday from SPLC.

The SPLC is asking the Court to overturn a May 2013 decision by the Nashville-based Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Susan B. Anthony Fund v. Dreihaus. In the Dreihaus case, a three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit threw out a First Amendment challenge by an anti-abortion group questioning the constitutionality of an Ohio law regulating speech in political campaigns.

In that case, the press release states, Ohio’s Sixth Circuit declined to hear a challenge from the Susan B. Anthony Fund requesting the invalidation of a state statute that “imposes state financial penalties on factually false statements made in connection with campaigns, including speech by third parties such as the Fund.”

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