Editor’s note: For additional information and to register for this training, go here.

Do you have your independent carrier house in order? Most newspapers think they do, but are the right practices in place?

Are your front line District Managers truly aware of the difference between an employee and your independent contractors?  Are they using the proper terminology in dealing with the “carrier force”?

To help ONA members sort out the dos and don’ts of independent contractors, the ONA Circulation Managers Committee has organized this one-day training from experts Michael Zinser and Richard Hively, who have conducted dozens of seminars across the country explaining ways to ensure that independent contractors remain independent and how to minimize nuisance litigation. The training will be held on Wednesday April 23, from 9:00 am to 3:30 am at the Ohio University Pickerington Center in Pickerington.

Agenda of coverage will include:

  • The Contracting Process
  • Independent Contractor Carrier Insurance
  • Management Contracting Checklist
  • Contract Administration Snafus
  • Independent Contractor Basics

This training is recommended not only for newer District Managers, but for all who are responsible for contracting or the training of others.   This seminar is also great for those who need a refresher for a proper contraction session.

For additional information and to register, go here.

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