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The digital revolution is finally coming to the newspaper rack.

Next week, about a dozen retailers in South Bend, Ind., will see the traditional, single-copy sales racks for The South Bend Tribune replaced by backlit, wood-framed units over five feet tall, crowned with a 9-X-16-inch digital display. That screen will run a combination of the newspaper’s headlines, tweets, live radar, video and other content, punctuated by advertisements.

The RedPost, as its creators are calling it, is the brainchild of Kerry Oslund, VP of digital for South Bend-based Schurz Communications, which owns the  Tribune,  and Eric Kanagy, CEO of the RedPost, Inc., based in Goshen, Ind. The two came together after Schurz began scoping out possibilities in what’s known as the digital out-of-home network (DOOH), an emerging terrain that includes digital billboards as well as gas station pump top displays and screens in elevators.

RedPost itself launched in 2007 as a software company that evolved into running its own digital display network. For its part, it saw the partnership benefits of tapping into Schurz’s sales and marketing resources with the new endeavor. Schurz, in turn, found a partner that had already built a software foundation to upload content into the displays, and the media company now holds a minority ownership stake in RedPost.

If Oslund and Kanagy have their way, the RedPost racks, built from the earliest prototypes in Oslund’s garage, will rapidly expand from their South Bend beta test into wide adoption at indoor retail spaces across the country.

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