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Members of Congress returned this week to Washington after a two week spring recess. Much of the work on the floor of the House and Senate over the next six months will be message-related to differentiate the two parties from one another before the November 4 congressional election. A lot is at stake: the House Republicans want to increase their majority position and the Senate Democrats want to retain control of the upper chamber.

Since we are well into the political season in Washington, we are not going to see too many pieces of legislation become law before November. This doesn’t mean, however, that NAA is not going to be active. There is much to be done to pave the way for legislative debates next Congress as well as work to be done in regulatory proceedings before Federal agencies.

Here is an update on issues that we will be working over in spring and summer.

Tax Reform:

Given the upcoming elections, comprehensive tax reform will not go anywhere this year. But legislation could move in the next Congress. The new Chairman of the Finance Committee, Ron Wyden (D-OR) and the expected Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Paul Ryan (R-WI) have a history of working together and have expressed interest in tax reform. The prospects for comprehensive tax reform would see a boost if President Obama makes it a priority in the remaining two years of his second term.

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