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It’s an aesthetic treat, functional and appropriate for what the Los Angeles Times stands for. We take a look at this textbook case study of how the modern newspaper website should look.

I was on my way to take a tour of the new Los Angeles Times website, but bumped into the Etihad Airlines ad and also took a tour of their  much viewed “suites” calledThe Residence: the world’s first three-room cabin in the sky .

Both are innovative and inspire lean-back behavior.

Stretch out in one of those gorgeous beds Etihad is promoting, and, more importantly, relax and study what the Times has achieved with their newly unveiled website.

Exquisite comes to mind. Not a word I use often, and definitely not to describe newspaper websites.

Here, utility meets aesthetics like we have not seen in a newspaper website in a long time. Easy and pleasant on the eyes but with a sense of urgency. Who said these two things could not be achieved at the same time?

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