From The Lima News

It doesn’t take a big loss of money to set many household budgets back.

Thanks to the honesty of a Lima News carrier, one Lima resident will not have to experience that dilemma.

Pete Ehora was visiting a neighbor on Slabtown Road Sunday afternoon while riding on his lawn mower. While stepping off the mower, his money clip containing $300 cash inadvertently slipped out of his pocket and into the gravel of the driveway.

In most cases, the money likely would have been gone forever. However, while delivering newspapers at about 2 a.m. Monday, carrier Steve Thurmond happened to spot the money as he was taking the newspaper to Catherine Early’s porch.

To his credit, Thurmond did not think for one second about keeping the money.

“It wasn’t mine,” Thurmond said. “I just saw it sitting there on the edge of the sidewalk. So I set it up there with her newspaper.”

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