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Recognizing that journalism is now in the age of mobile, the American Press Institute today issued a report on how publishers should adapt their businesses and content for fast-growing mobile audiences.

“Unlocking mobile revenue and audience: New ideas and best practices” was released this morning. It is the result of a gathering of 40 leaders in mobile journalism who were brought together by API and Google.

“We have thoroughly entered the age of mobile news,” says Jeff Sonderman, API deputy director. “People are shifting so rapidly to smartphones and tablets, various data suggest, that mobile devices in the last year became the primary platforms for news. With that comes a whole new level of uncertainty and opportunity for news publishers.

The Thought Leader Summit covered many angles — from mobile content choices, business models, technology, to staffing and more. The day featured in-depth discussions, small working groups that made recommendations in areas of their expertise and participant surveys that explored how mobile works at leading organizations.

After the discussions and work groups, participants distilled the nine key concepts.

The ideas, and in some cases the words themselves in the report, are drawn from the participants.

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