The Ohio Newspaper Association knows that driving additional revenue to news organizations is a must in today’s economic climate. We also know that having effective and accurate data to help sell advertising is equally important.

With that in mind, we urge members to consider taking advantage of the ONA discount for use of  Public Insight. The Ohio company has agreed to extend a 50 percent discount to ONA members until the end of the year.

“I’m not aware of any data service that has information this deep even for small and rural markets; certainly not at an affordable price,” said ONA Executive Director Dennis Hetzel. “Whenever Public Insight has done demonstrations for ONA members, they’ve been ‘wowed’ by the depth and ease of use. Its applications to news coverage are obvious. A good reporter could easily generate a steady stream of great enterprise stories just by using this data as a starting point. Still, I think it might even be more valuable in this day and age to support revenue growth.”

For members of the media involved in marketing and advertising, having easy-to-use data on zip codes, cities, counties, townships, states, K-12 districts and higher education institutions across Ohio can be especially useful. For example, marketing and advertising sales teams can quickly analyze credible data from multiple sources to show potential clients socioeconomic and demographic break downs of zip codes to help drive advertising sales.

For more information on the ONA/Public Insight Data partnership agreement, download this press release. To learn more about using this tool for news and advertising data analysis, download this FAQ.

Discount Code

To take advantage of the discounted member rate, email the ONA’s Jason Sanford at for the discount code.

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