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Akron Beacon Journal publisher Mark Cohen, who rejected the ad on the right, tells his paper:

“I just don’t think it was appropriate for our community. We’re proud that LeBron is back, this is his hometown, and that [ad] is not something we want to be a part of or want to take money for.”

Miami-based sports talker Dan Le Batard, who was hoping to buy the ad space with Kickstarter contributions, says the Plain Dealer also rejected the ad. “They have declined our money.”

(I’m told a full-page Beacon Journal ad costs about $12,000; I’ve asked the Plain Dealer about its full-page rate. Update: “We don’t have any further comment on the matter,” PD sales/marketing veep Mike Maleski writes in an email. I didn’t want a comment, Mike, I wanted the price of a full-page ad.)

The Cleveland paper reports:

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