Top regional officials with the U.S. Postal Service have offered to hold regular conference calls in which they will work with ONA members to resolve delivery issues and answer questions.

As far as we know, this is an unprecedented outreach effort by the USPS to the newspaper industry, so we urge members to take part.

The first call is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 5, at 10 a.m.

While we are happy to have participants with general concerns and questions, the primary purpose is to help those with specific problems. In order for the USPS officials to be responsive, we must know in advance what newspapers are participating.  Please e-mail Executive Director Dennis Hetzel ( before Wednesday, Aug. 27th, if you plan to participate.  Also, please send a brief description of the problem or issue you wish to discuss. We will forward this to the USPS, which may ask for some additional information before the call.

We will send specific call-in information to the participating papers several days in advance of Sept. 5. If we end up with too many participants with specific concerns for the conference call, we will schedule a follow-up call promptly.  Several ONA members already have indicated interest.

The meeting is an outgrowth of dialogue with the Postal Service that ONA initiated several months ago. Eight USPS officials from Ohio and Pennsylvania recently met with ONA Trustee Keith Rathbun, an expert on postal issues, and Hetzel at our Columbus office and proposed the conference-call format.

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