AdOhioAs a wholly-owned subsidiary of ONA, AdOhio sells newspaper advertising in ways that are designed to make the process as easy as possible for the advertiser. AdOhio handles display, classified and online advertising, legal notices and preprints.

The Power of Local

Newspapers — in print and online — remain the primary local news and shopping information source for most Ohio adults.* AdOhio is the state’s largest newspaper media ad placement service, with active accounts at more than 400 newspapers and local Web sites.

At AdOhio, our mission is to make print and online newspaper ad buying easy and affordable.

We have aggregated hundreds of community newspapers and local news Web sites into convenient network programs. We also customize newspaper ad buys tailored specifically to meet a client’s needs, using the latest newspaper research and market information.

In addition, our online ad serving system now directly delivers across more than 150 Ohio newspaper Web sites, providing a turnkey placement and campaign management service.

Visit the AdOhio Web site

* Source: 2007 Ohio Statewide Study, conducted by Belden Associates.

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