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Tom Rosenstiel, Executive Director of the American Press Institute, delivered a thought-provoking keynote during today’s luncheon at the Ohio Newspaper Association Convention. 
Regarded as one of the nation’s most recognized thinkers on the future of media, Rosenstiel told the audience, “We must be data-driven as journalists going forward. We live in a user-controlled world. We must adapt.” He believes that in order to thrive, we must actively be engaging with citizens in our communities. 
Seven lessons for journalists:
1. Audiences are consuming more news, not less. 25% read more news and 32% get more news than before due to mobile. Mobile is a powerful multiplier.
2. Technology has helped us in many ways. The average age of a newspaper reader is 54; it drops to 37 for digital readers; and 33 for mobile-only news readers