Janet DeGeorge

Janet DeGeorge

Inexpensive Ways To Take Back Classifieds
Exclusive ONA webinar on Wednesday, April 2 at 2pm
Cost: Free for ONA members
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One of the hottest sessions at this year’s ONA Convention was Janet DeGeorge’s “Inexpensive Ways To Take Back Classifieds.” In response to member feedback, DeGeorge will repeat her presentation exclusively for ONA members in a free webinar on Wednesday, April 2 at 2pm. The webinar will cover how to immediately improve your automotive, real estate, and job placement classified advertising.

Samantha Johnston, who runs the Colorado Press Association and is the former publisher of the Steamboat Springs newspaper, calls Janet a rock star and says: “Her work improved our bottom line almost $100,000 overnight at a 10,000-circulation daily.”

About Janet DeGeorge

Janet DeGeorge has been president of Classified Executive Training & Consulting since 2001. She specializes in print/online and display classified advertising sales strategies for newspapers and websites, aggressive sales training of inside and outside sales reps, training of new classified managers, and redesigns of print and online products and rate packages to uncover new revenue sources. DeGeorge first started her newspaper career at the San Jose Mercury News over twenty years ago. She graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Advertising & Marketing and has completed all course work towards a Masters of Science in Mass Communication. She spent 13 years at the Mercury News, much of it as a manager of their inside sales team, then relocated to Southern California as Recruitment Advertising Manager before moving to Arizona where she was the classified advertising director of the Scottsdale & Mesa Tribune for seven years. She is a former vice president of the Western Classified Advertising Association, a key speaker at local, regional and national advertising conferences, and has had numerous articles published in newspaper trade magazines. Her website is www.ClassifiedExecutiveTraining.com.