Lobbying & Government Relations

Government relations, including lobbying, is one of ONA’s most important roles as the trade association for Ohio’s daily and weekly newspapers and their affiliated Web sites. ONA does much more than represent the business interests of its members. The association also serves the news media and all Ohio citizens as a watchdog and advocate for open government. That includes laws, rulings and regulations related to open meetings, public records and open courts.

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Ohio Coalition for Open Government (OCOG)

The Coalition serves as a clearinghouse for media and citizen grievances that involve open meetings and open records, and offers guidance to reporters in local government situations. The activities of the Coalition include monitoring government officials for compliance, filing “amicus” briefs in lawsuits, litigation and public education.

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Legislative Watch List

Members may view which legislation ONA is currently watching closely. The list can be helpful to newspaper editors for editorial ideas. The list is available in the Members Only section of the website. Contact Jason Sanford at jsanford@ohionews.org if you need a password.