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Reassure your readers by practicing COVID-19 workplace safety

Answering readers’ questions during this pandemic can be difficult. We are used to being able to provide clear answers about our products to our customers. Right now, there is a lot of unknown affecting our business like all others.


ONMA Coronavirus Information Page

The Ohio News Media Association has created this page to centralize resources about the COVID-19 outbreak for our member journalists. If you don’t see the information you need on this page, contact the ONMA’s Jason Sanford.


We’ve never been more relevant as a local news source

Aggressively pursue the news but minimize employee risk

Since we don’t know what we don’t know or just how our lives and work lives will be impacted, now is the time to gather key personnel together and discuss scenarios.


Why ending open commenting on newspaper websites is a necessary move

We need to admit that by providing such an open platform to these mean-spirited individuals we empower them. Others who have prejudices or jealousies feel safe to pile on their own hateful commentary. They feel safe to let profanity and name-calling drive their keystrokes. This isn’t what any of us intended or want.


Convention reception successfully funds scholarships

Evening reception has long been a favorite event in the agenda from our annual gathering. It’s a chance to relax, enjoy some great appetizers and have a few cocktails with industry friends you may not see except for once a year at convention.


Recharge and refocus at this year's ONMA convention

Was 2019 a year of transition? A year of disappointing revenue, more personnel cuts, more changes? Are you worn out and just want to retreat into what remains of your safe space and say…. “ I don’t feel like going to convention this year. We shouldn’t spend the money. I have no time”.


Welcome to the Ohio Capital Journal

Introducing the Ohio Capital Journal, a new state government digital news outlet focused on how policy is impacting the people of Ohio. Find us at OhioCapitalJournal.com, on Twitter @OhioCapJournal and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ohiocapitaljournal.


Thank you to all the hard-working people in our state's news media

At Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment to tell all of you hard working news media people – Thank You.


Don't take your newspaper advertisers and customers for granted

We all have longtime customers that unfortunately get taken for granted. All of the love is showered on the new advertiser or new prospect we are trying to woo into the paper, on our websites or get to subscribe. We all experience this as consumers too.


Proposed anti-SLAPP law protects Ohioans against meritless lawsuits

More than half of our country’s states protect people who are engaging in their First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech from becoming targets of meritless lawsuits. Our democracy depends on encouraging public dialogue about community issues. Citizens should be allowed to show up at a local government meeting and express their opinions about social and business issues and their government without retribution. Our democracy also depends on journalists being able to witness that dialogue and report it to their audience.

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