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Be sure to tell advertisers your total audience (and also share these details with AdOhio)

Monica Nieporte with captionBy Monica Nieporte, OMNA President and Executive Director

What is your total audience?

Are you monetizing the eyeballs your e-edition/digital only subscribers bring to the ads that are inside your digital product? Are you uploading the inserts that are in that day’s print edition to your e-edition to give digital readers the full value of their subscription?

Are you charging advertisers for the digital readership of their insert and how are you selling this value to them? Or do you charge advertisers only for inserts in the print edition?

As our readership migrates faster and faster to more of our audience seeing our product online, these are questions you need to think about if you haven’t already. If you have then ask yourself whether you have updated your rate cards to reflect the full audience you are bringing to your advertisers. If your rate card is a “print rate card” that only talks about print quantities and doesn’t talk about all the additional readership you’re bringing your advertiser online then it is definitely past time for an update.

Once you have decided how you’re going to monetize this additional audience with your advertisers, it is very important you also share this information with AdOhio. Otherwise, we are forced to base quotes off our print audience only and this may be shortchanging you and the association.

Remember, your paper has an audience – whether the reader is buying the paper at the convenience store, getting home delivery or logging on each day to read your e-edition. Every reader should be able to see your entire edition and likewise, advertisers should be paying ad prices that consider the entire audience- not just the print readers.

Finally, make sure your advertising and circulation departments both answer this question the same way. They need to clarify what the person is asking for – are you asking for paid print circulation (self-explanatory), total press run (which would include samples and any unsold papers), postage statement of ownership figures for the print edition or total readership which would include digital only customers? Everyone in advertising or circulation who is asked for this information should be giving the same responses.

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