From The Dayton Daily News

Gov. John Kasich told reporters this week that he doesn’t read Ohio newspapers but noted that it was a headline in the Columbus Dispatch that informed him that his administration was attempting to collect decades-old over payments made to thousands of welfare recipients.

“First of all, you should know: I don’t read newspapers in the state of Ohio. Very rarely do I read a newspaper because just like, I think the presidents have done in the past, reading newspapers does not give you an uplifting experience because it never makes it really clear that you won the Irish sweepstakes,” Kasich said at a press conference. “Time to time, people will send me articles and things I need to know about but I have found that my life is a lot better if I don’t get aggravated by what I read in the newspaper.”

Kasich, a former Fox News commentator, said he was walking somewhere when the Dispatch headline about the welfare policy caught his eye. He has since modified the welfare collection policy.

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