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The Ohio News Media Foundation was formed in 1976 by members of The Ohio News Media Association. The Foundation is a non-profit organization operated for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes with a view to achieving the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in all phases of journalism and newspaper publishing. These goals are pursued through research and educational programs and activities that include the following:

University Journalism Program

University Journalism Scholarships
The Ohio News Media Foundation awards one $2,000 scholarship each year to two separate students who are enrolled in an Ohio college or university and majoring in journalism or equivalent degree program. Applicants are not limited to, but preference will be given to students demonstrating a career commitment to newspaper journalism.

ONWA Annual Scholarship
The Ohio News Media Foundation awards a $2,000 scholarship to a female or male student who is enrolled as a junior or senior in an Ohio college or university and majoring in journalism or an equivalent degree program. The Ohio Newspaper Women’s Association scholarship fund was transferred to the Ohio News Media Foundation in 2004 when ONWA disbanded.

Harold Douthit Scholarship
The Ohio News Media Foundation will award a $1,500 scholarship to a student who is currently enrolled in a journalism or communications degree program at an Ohio college or university. The scholarship is named for Harold K. Douthit, founder of Douthit Communications, Inc., Sandusky, and a former president of The Ohio News Media Association.

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The Foundation funds student internships for The Ohio News Media Association and AdOhio, publishes a directory of Ohio newspaper internships, and assists in recruitment of journalism graduates.

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High School Journalism Program

Minority Scholarship
The Ohio News Media Foundation will award a $1,500 scholarship to a minority high school senior in Ohio who plans to pursue a newspaper journalism career.

For more information about the Minority scholarship click here.

Guides For Student Newspaper Advisers

“Read All About It! A Resource Document for High School Journalists and Their Instructors” — This publication, created by the ONA Journalism Education Committee, is intended to assist faculty advisers and students with writing, layout and printing of their scholastic publication. It is also a guide to professional journalism organizations and other available resources, including local newspaper editors and publishers.

“Newspaper Advertising: Your High school publication is a business, too” — A guide created by the Ohio News Media Foundation, the Scholastic Media Program at Kent State University, and the Ohio Newspaper Advertising Executives to contribute to a more thorough understanding of the importance of the business side of newspapers for those who are exhibiting a keen interest in an advertising career.

Contact Sue Bazzoli, manager of administrative services, with questions regarding the guides:sbazzoli@ohionews.org.

Journalism Education Research

Foundation funds are used for ongoing programs to promote newspaper careers at the high school and university level. The Foundation conducts site visits to Ohio’s journalism schools and periodically underwrites specific research projects and university events. Contact Dennis Hetzel, ONA executive director, with questions:dhetzel@ohionews.org.

Newspapers In Education

Newspapers In EducationA significant ongoing activity of the Foundation is the promotion of reading by youth. Newspapers in Education works year-round in assisting schoolteachers with newspaper-related curriculum guides, reading and citizenship projects. The group networks with NIE coordinators at local newspapers throughout Ohio.

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Contact Sue Bazzoli, manager of administrative services, with questions: sbazzoli@ohionews.org.

Newspaper Carrier Achievement Awards

The Ohio Newspaper Carrier Achievement Awards, sponsored by the Ohio News Media Association, recognize the best of more than 25,000 young men and women who fulfill the important task of delivering newspapers to readers each day. The contest was started in 1952 by ONA and Ohio Circulation Managers Association (which in 2013 merged with the ONA). The competition is divided into three age categories (Youth, Adult and Senior). In each of the three divisions the winner receives $1,000 and the runner-up receives $500.

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Contributing to the Foundation

Your contribution strengthens the future for a free press in Ohio.

These projects, as well as many others that are continually being planned, require funding. Your contribution will ensure that worthwhile projects become reality. Your contribution helps strengthen the foundation for newspapers of the future and readers of the future.

Per Internal Revenue Service regulations for a 501 (c)(3) foundation under IRS code, all contributions are tax-deductible. They should be addressed to:

The Ohio News Media Foundation
1335 Dublin Road, Suite 216-B
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Telephone: 614-486-6677

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