ONA is pleased to welcome Press+ and American Opinion Research as its newest associate members.

Press+ gives publishers the tools, data, and support needed to adopt a digital subscription payment model.

Any accredited ONA member who launches with Press+ on or before Sept. 1 will receive a 33% discount on the $3,500 set-up charge — a saving of $1,155. Contact Press+ at (212) 332-6408 or matt@mypressplus.com.

The business model of Press+ is that it receives a percentage of subscription revenue in return for handling all aspects of the program, including secure payment. Participating newspapers have full access to subscriber data. Subscribers can manage online news subscriptions with a one-click payment system.

Press+ was founded by L. Gordon Crovitz, former publisher of the Wall Street Journal, and Steven Brill, founder of the “The American Lawyer” and Court TV. Brill and Crovitz recently took part in a Webinar on pay-content models for ONA members. They continue to lead the company after its recent sale to RR Donnelley Co.

You can learn more about Press+ at mypressplus.com.

ONA’s other newest member, AOR, is a respected market-research firm that has represented clients throughout the newspaper industry. The firm recently completed a study for the ONA on newspaper readership and advertising use in Ohio that aided the association in its successful support for changes in laws governing public notices.

For more information about AOR, go to imsworld.com/aor_strategic.html.

If you know of an organization that would be a good candidate for ONA associate membership, contact Sue Bazzoli at sbazzoli@ohionews.org.

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