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Ohio News Media Foundation 2017 scholarship recipients

The Ohio News Media Association is pleased to announce our ONMF scholarship winners. Five scholarships are being awarded this year; two University Journalism Scholarships of $2,000 each, one ONWA Annual Scholarship of $2,000, one Harold K. Douthit Scholarship of $1,500, and one Minority Journalism Scholarship of $1,500.


Chavern: Smart tax reform is mission-critical for our industry

When I sat down to write this month’s CEO column, I knew I wanted to talk about something that excited passions and the intense interest of our members. Tax reform immediately sprang to mind.


Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press announces $1 million gift from Jeff Bezos; new partnership with First Look Media

Freedom of the Press Awards dinner raises nearly $2 million to support pro bono legal services for journalists


Greg Gianforte is lucky. Reporters once carried daggers to deal with unruly politicians.

The alleged body-slamming of a reporter by Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte seems like a reasonable moment to contemplate the very long history of congressmen behaving badly toward one another and members of the media — arming themselves for floor debates, beating the tar out of one another and even imprisoning reporters.


Facebook is testing products to connect its users to local news

As part of its ongoing push to build relationships with local publishers, Facebook is testing products that can help people better connect with local news.


Lawmakers: Leave advertising tax break alone

Industry groups and more than 100 lawmakers want to prevent tax reform legislation from curbing the deduction for businesses’ advertising expenses.


Local news outlets find an unlikely ally in the duopoly

Talk to a big publisher about Google and Facebook, and you’ll hear the strains of a dysfunctional relationship. But there’s one publishing sector that’s surprisingly having a bit of a honeymoon period: local news.


The Facebook rescue that wasn’t

If you go to the homepage of the Watershed Post, the online news source for the Catskill region of upstate New York, there are plenty of stories about rural regeneration: agritourism and a new creamery, the ongoing political wrangling over the development of the Belleayre ski resort, property ads where prices are significantly up from a few years ago. But one part of the region’s fortunes is not reviving: the Watershed Post itself.


Peter Wagner's 'Get Real' column: Start with the letter 'E'!

The challenge of selling newspaper, shopper and magazine ads can turn into an exasperating experience. There are moments when everything and everyone seems to be working against you. You hit the street early, loaded down with powerful ideas and ready-to-work promotions but closes never come.


Zinser update: Philip Miscimarra named NLRB Chairman

On April 24, 2017, President Trump appointed Philip Miscimarra to the position of NLRB Chairman, after announcing his intention to do so on April 21, 2017. Chairman Miscimarra, who has been a Member of the Board since August 7, 2013, previously served as Acting Chairman of the NLRB.

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