Outcomes solid so far on public notices, records in lame-duck session

It’s lame-duck time, the period between an election and the seating of a new legislature when just about anything can happen to a pending bill and sometimes does. The drama will unfold in the Ohio Legislature for at least one more week.


Kevin Slimp on our digital future

Some of you will remember Facebook. If you’re over 40, you probably visit Facebook on a regular basis. If you’re like most of the college students in my life, ask a parent or older friend. They can tell you about it.


Ohio Supreme Court reduces damages in defamation case

Today the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in Wayt v. DHSC, LLC, that claims of defamation fall under the $250,000 cap for noneconomic damages. The ruling reverses a $1.55 million award Ann Wayt received from a Stark County Common Pleas Court and remands the matter to the trial court for further proceedings.


How poor customer service can lead to fewer public notices

This appears to be a story about a client that spurned an advertising channel as a result of poor customer service.


Government proposes to eliminate print newspapers as a vehicle to reach U.S. workers

The DOL is proposing to eliminate a requirement that employers notify U.S. workers of available positions through an advertisement in Sunday newspapers of general circulation, “in the area of intended employment,” and replace it with an electronic job posting.


AIM Media Midwest combines the Piqua Daily Call and the Troy Daily News into a new publication

Notice something new about your newspaper today? The Troy Daily News and the Piqua Daily Call are joining forces to create a new publication, Miami Valley Today. This is the first issue of the new combined publication.


A newspaper’s unique vitamin C6 protects the community

A daily dose of vitamin C is strongly thought to keep the human body healthy and functioning. The regular dose of a local publication’s unique vitamin C – actually six key services with names starting with the letter C – help keep a town or region healthy, in balance and functioning.


At 2019 ONMA convention, plan on relevance and fun

Maurice Clarett, Ken Paulson, great networking, lots of ad training and a ‘wall of wine.’


What Ohio election results mean for ONMA members

My crystal ball quickly starts to crack when I try to make political predictions, but here are a few thoughts in the wake of Tuesday’s election in terms of issues that matter to all of us.


Newspaper notice helps save county’s oldest grave

Theophilus Hunter was a big deal in Wake County, North Carolina, and in Raleigh, the county seat.

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