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The steady erosion of newspaper circulations naturally has led many to predict that the printed ad circular is not much long for this world and will quickly disappear as consumers demand more digitized ads and coupons. Last year, the Associated Press, along with 32 other publishers and 30 retailers, launched iCircular to help stave off declining ad revenue. Even Google has jumped into the fray with the launch of Google Circulars, a service that creates digital versions of full-page print inserts normally found in newspapers, with the goal of “trying to get online visitors into [offline] stores.” From the stark decline in demand for print publications, it appears that printed circulars are well on their way to extinction…or are they?

On closer inspection, print circulars are not going the way of the dodo anytime soon and will actually play a vital role in the marketing mix for the foreseeable future. Because of print circulars’ overall ease of use for consumers, it still reigns as an effective marketing tool for retailers. Poring through inserts in the Sunday paper and in-store to find coupons and deals are still part of the shopping ritual ingrained into the consumer psyche over generations.

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