From The Plain Dealer

Gov. John Kasich has asserted the rarely used “executive privilege” in an attempt to deny records to the Ohio Democratic Party detailing his schedule over the summer.

The executive privilege exemption has remained unused since it was created in 2006 by an Ohio Supreme Court ruling when then-state senator Marc Dann was trying to jimmy loose records related to the “Coingate” scandal from then-Gov. Bob Taft. That changed this week when Kasich’s legal team invoked the privilege among a handful of reasons why it says it should not be required to comply with the Democrats’ request for the Republican governor’s schedule.

“The governor has more or less pulled the nuclear option for open records,” said Jerid Kurtz, a spokesman for the Democratic Party.

Democrats filed a lawsuit in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, saying the Kasich administration wasn’t prompt in complying with a public records request for the governor’s schedule from June 1 to Aug 27. At the time of the records request, the party asked for both future and past schedules.

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