From The Akron Beacon Journal

The Stow school board has filed its response and counterclaim against board member Rod Armstrong, who charges the panel held illegal executive sessions.

The school board alleges that Armstrong violated the district’s code of conduct by disclosing privileged information without authorization.

The lawsuit also accuses Armstrong of using his elected position for personal gain and contends that his disclosure of confidential information covered during executive sessions is a breach of his fiduciary duty.

“The district filed its answer and counterclaim last week with the U.S. District Court in Akron,” district spokeswoman Jacquie Mazziotta said in a release. “We believe there is no merit to the allegations raised, and have asked the court to stop further leaks of confidential student information.

“There is no exception authorizing a board member to release student information without parental consent. The confidential release of student information could expose the district to liability, including a loss of all federal education funds.”

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