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Larry Beaupre’s career in journalism began in upstate New York, where as a young reporter he was part of the team that produced the Rochester Times-Union’s Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the Attica prison riots of 1971.

It ended in Scranton, where as managing editor of The Times-Tribune, he led the newspaper to dozens of state and national awards and oversaw the transformation of Times-Shamrock newspapers into the largest news-gathering team in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In the more than four decades in between, Beaupre built a reputation as a hard-nosed newspaperman who saw opportunities where others saw only obstacles, once even using a carrier pigeon to get photographs to the newsroom on deadline.

A husband, father, friend, mentor and leader, Beaupre touched the lives and guided the careers of countless journalists who mourned his death Sunday at the age of 68.

“He was the single most important mentor I had in my career, and really, really the finest journalist that I’ve ever known,” said J. Keith Moyer, a longtime friend, former colleague and senior fellow in the journalism school at the University of Minnesota.

… Beaupre spent six years at the Cincinnati Enquirer, also owned by Gannett, and where he was named “Editor of the Year.” Three times, he led newspapers that won the company’s Most Improved Newspaper award. Twice, the Enquirer was named Ohio’s best, becoming known for extensive investigations that exposed wrongdoing.

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