Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication has launched a unique competition for both students and media organizations. Created with input from ONA members, the competition allows media professionals to submit industry challenges they’d like to see overcome. Student teams work on these challenges and attempt to come up with creative solutions and innovations which will benefit both your organization and the entire media industry.

For example, an Ohio newspaper might be searching for ways to use social media to sell tickets to live events co-sponsored with advertisers. A television station might need a way to identify and attract a teenage audience with a new mobile app. A microsite might want to find a way to produce a revenue stream by live-streaming high school sports on mobile devices.

Challenges may be submitted by any media professional. The competition itself is open to any Ohio University student, regardless of their major, who may compete as individuals or as members of teams. This campus-wide contest recognizes the reality that solutions to many of the media industry’s needs may come from aspiring engineers or business majors, not just young journalists. The student winners will receive substantial cash prizes, with the top seven winners splitting $20,000 in prizes.

If students choose your “challenge,” you’ll have access to their proposed solution, at no charge, regardless of whether it’s a winner.

To submit a “challenge,” simply fill out the short “SIC Entry Questionnaire” and email it Andy Alexander, a Visiting Professional at the Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, who is coordinating the competition. His email address is alexanda@ohio.edu. A separate “SIC Industry FAQ” explains the competition in detail. The deadline to submit a challenge is Friday, Dec. 21.

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