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The Cleveland Plain Dealer has reached a new, tentative six-year agreement with the Guild’s bargaining committee. The new agreement offers some protections to the 58 people to be laid off next year and offers more protection to the employees who stay. The agreement also sheds some light on Advance’s plans for Cleveland publishing.

The layoffs were announced separately earlier this week and are not subject to negotiation. They will reduce the 168 Guild members in the newsroom by about one-third.

But the bargaining committee was able to limit future layoffs. “They had wanted to add a provision that allowed them to lose four [Guild] members a year through the length of the contract through attribution or layoffs,” Harlan Spector, chairman of the newspaper’s unit of the Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild, said by phone Thursday night. “That could have been four layoffs a year for six years. … We gave them the right to lay off up to 5 in 2014 but then we’re done, everybody is protected after that.”

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