Editor’s note: The 2013 ONA Convention, Feb. 13-14 in Columbus, will feature a panel focused on the Dispatch’s new 3-around printing process and a tour of their printing facilities. For a sneak peak at how the 3-around process works, open up this exclusive PDF provided by the Dispatch.

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The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch will make its debut as a compact broadsheet Jan. 28.

The paper, the first in the world to have its presses reconfigured for the 3-around production configuration necessary to permit the format, was scheduled to debut in its new 14.75-inch-by-11-inch size last fall.

Unexpected mechanical problems, however, forced Dispatch Printing Co. execs to delay the introduction of the design.

In a letter to readers in the Jan. 20 edition, Dispatch Editor Benjamin J. Marrison said “production issues that prevented us from launching the new format in September are fixed.”

“We knew the format change was unprecedented in the industry and could create challenges, but we wanted to create something one-of-a-kind. We were unwilling to announce a new launch date until we were absolutely sure we were ready.”

As part of the new design, The Dispatch is adding pages and two new sections, Marrison said. The press conversion will also enable the daily to increase its color and paging capacities.

Pressline Services Inc. modified the Dispatch’s existing TKS (USA) presses by way of the firm’s 3Volution press conversion service.

The modification re-engineers cylinders to print three, rather than two, sheets in a single revolution. The project also added new folders, from Foldex Corp., to each of The Dispatch’s presses.

The Dispatch later this year will also begin printing and producing The Cincinnati Enquirer and Kentucky Enquirer in the new format under terms of an agreement between The Dispatch and Gannett Co. Inc.

That date is still being determined.

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