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KBIA public radio experiments with drones to collect video in rural areas

Media: KBIA Missouri/The Missouri Drone Journalism Project, and

Company: KBIA, the University of Missouri-licensed public radio

Traffic: About 30,000 listeners daily

Market: Mid-Missouri

Key contributors: Scott Pham, director and founder of the Missouri Drone Journalism Program and content director for; Matthew Dickinson, System Administrator and Instructor for the Information Technology Program at the University of Missouri; Bill Allen, Missouri School of Journalism Professor

Initative: Integrate the use of drones to improve reporting and add new dimension to storytelling.

Challenge: Scott Pham wanted to experiment with drone coverage at KBIA Missouri, a radio station where he is content director, and use students from his class at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Pham was inspired by Matthew Waite’s work with drones at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College School of Journalism, which began in November 2011 and focuses on the ethical and legal issues involved with drones. He wanted to tap university resources to test using drones for news coverage at the station.

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