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A Delaware County Common Pleas judge has dismissed a lawsuit in which one member of the Olentangy school board alleged that the others had violated state public-meeting laws.

Board member Adam White “can prove no set of facts in support of his claims,” wrote Judge Everett H. Krueger in a ruling issued last week.

In April, White sued fellow board members Dave King, Julie Wagner Feasel, Kevin O’Brien and Stacy Dunbar, saying that they had held an illegal private meeting by exchanging emails and phone calls.

The four were communicating about a response to a Dispatch editorial that had criticized them for adopting a new policy. The policy required board members to tell the superintendent before they talked to other administrators or visited schools.

White viewed the policy as a hindrance to board members and as a response to his filing a report with the Delaware County sheriff’s office accusing two athletic directors of theft. The directors were later cleared.

The judge relied in part on a 2005 appeals-court case that found that Ohio’s open-meetings laws do not cover emails. Krueger also wrote that the four school-board members had not prearranged a discussion and that no public business was discussed in the emails.

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