From The Plain Dealer

The Buchtelite, the University of Akron’s independent student newspaper since 1889, is not publishing this semester.

“Like its counterparts in the professional print media, The Buchtelite is facing the challenge of how to remain relevant in a digital age,” writes advisor and former journalist Roger Mezger in a post on the paper’s website. “The need to face up to that challenge, along with some unforeseen circumstances, make this an opportune time to pause and think about how best to position The Buchtelite as a contemporary news outlet serving the needs of a college campus.”

Several staff members from fall semester were unable to continue this semester due to factors including graduation, internships and heavy class loads so publishing the newspaper twice a week became impractical, he wrote.

Limited content could still be posted to the website.

The Buchtelite will work with the Division of Student Affairs, the School of Communication, student organizations and other university stakeholders to craft a plan that will assure its future as a sustainable, student-run, multimedia enterprise, Mezger wrote. And it is seeking suggestions on how to succeed.

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