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The Newspaper Association of America, represented by general counsel Kurt Wimmer, Tuesday testified before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on the Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet during a hearing on copyright law and “The Scope of Fair Use.” The hearing was part of a months-long review of the Copyright Act.

“Newspapers invest in the journalism that is essential to a well-informed citizenry and a free and democratic society,” the NAA said in a statement. “Newspaper content is protected by copyright law and is more popular than ever in the digital age, as 65% of American adults read newspaper content in a typical week or access newspaper content on a mobile device in a typical month.”

In its testimony, the association stressed the importance of copyright protection for news operations. “Effective copyright protection is essential to funding the professional newsgathering and reporting that permits the newspaper industry to continue to serve the American public,” the testimony says.

The NAA says it is vital that copyright protection remains strong as more readers use digital platforms to bring value back to the creators of original content, as opposed to companies that improperly profit from the investments made by newspapers. The trade group says it strongly believes that those in the digital ecosystem, particularly startups, would prefer to license content instead of relying on legally questionable business models.

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