From the Newspaper Association of America

Newspapers are still a viable option for ad placement, but publishers need to put more effort into flexibility, creativity and building personal relationships with advertisers, said a panel of experts at the NAA mediaXchange 2014 conference.

The panelists, some from advertising and some from publishing, began by saying that with the increasing popularity of digital and social advertising, it is up to newspaper publications to show advertisers why print ads are still worth it.

To do this, the panel recommended that publishers form personal relationships with advertisers in order to adapt to each individual client’s needs.

“I would get my butt out of the office and into some of the offices of the CEO’s of the companies and the clients,” said Richard Branch, media director of Sports Authority. “If I was named the publisher of a newspaper the first thing I would want to do is get out there and understand the needs of my clients.”

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