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The Local Media Association has changed its bylaws to create a new class of membership called “Local Media Members.” This new class will allow non-newspaper media companies such as TV stations, radio stations, directory publishers, pure plays, and more, to join the association.

LMA President Nancy Lane stated, “We are thrilled to welcome all local media companies into LMA membership. We can quickly showcase new revenue streams and sustainable business models by being all-inclusive. There is common ground on the digital side; we can all learn from each other.”

The LMA board of directors spent the last two years analyzing the current membership requirements for the organization and soliciting input from a diverse mix of LMA members. Put to a members vote, the bylaws change passed by a 91 percent affirmative vote.

The bylaws committee was led by LMA Treasurer Suzanne Schlicht, COO of The World Company, the committee also included LMA Directors Bob Brown, president, Swift Communications; Brandon Erlacher, publisher, The Elkhart Truth, and Chris Lee, president, Deseret Digital Media.

“The LMA board has long thought that there is a place for non-newspapers in our organization,” said Schlicht. “We agree with our members that there is opportunity in casting a wider net to learn from other local media organizations outside our core industry.”

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